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CSU homecoming is just another fall weekend

October 7, 2009

Oh college football homecoming. Is there anything more exciting for students? Why yes, yes there is. Things like hiking, snowboarding and binge drinking on a Tuesday night, just to name a few.

For students, homecoming is just another fall weekend featuring a football game — nothing more, nothing less. Sure, there might be a few more activities to do over the weekend like watch a parade or loiter at a bonfire, but these are mainly things that freshmen do once and then realize are a waste of time.

Football scheduling usually follows one of two models. Model A: Schedule a weak opponent with the hopes of rolling over them for a quick victory and an easy “W” in the record books for the home crowd, or Model B: schedule one of your conference’s elite schools and hope that the larger crowd will help propel you to an upset. This season the CSU football team has followed Model B as they’ll play host to the defending Mountain West Conference and Sugar Bowl champions, Utah.

As a student, when it comes to homecoming, at least at Colorado State, I just don’t get it. Greek Life here is a joke, there are no giant homecoming displays outside of the well-hidden buildings that claim to be fraternity or sorority houses around campus, there is no dance to remind us of the hell that was high school (thank goodness). Other than maybe mommy and daddy coming to visit, homecoming here at college is just another weekend.

I think the only point of homecoming at the college level is to designate one weekend for alumni to come back to where they received their degree from, no matter how far they must travel, and shortly relive that college experience. All of you non-freshmen, really think about it. Let your mind wander back to previous homecoming weekends here at CSU. Were the bars filled with “old folks” (I use that term lightly)? I know I remember hating how overpopulated Old Town was, so badly packed that I ended up heading all the way down to Harmony to find a bite to eat, only to still be faced with a 45-minute wait.

Come on, I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Show of hands now (yes, do it. If you professor asks what your question is, tell them you’re just following instructions), how many of you have asked yourself on college homecoming “what’s the big deal? Let’s just play some football like every other week!” Chances are, this is the feel echoed by most of you.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my folks, and if they decide to come see me on homecoming weekend I’ll gladly spend time with them. But for the most of us, this weekend will be just like any other.

Nevertheless, go Rams!

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  1. Jan Abols permalink
    October 10, 2009 1:12 pm

    Wow, Matt! What a shame you (and maybe others?) feel this way! Four of our five kids graduated from CSU (our oldest daughter graduated from CU)and we ALL loved Homecoming Weekend…pancake breakfast, parade, football game (no matter what team we played!)and all! We certainly never considered partipating in these activities TOGETHER a “waste of time”!!! And yes! even crowded restaurants didn’t keep us from having a wonderful time TOGETHER!!! We…AND OUR KIDS!…have great memories of the time we were able to spend TOGETHER on campus! Our youngest son (27) is in town from Florida as we speak to attend the football game today with a big group of friends!(not to go hiking, snowboarding, or binge-drinking) Please don’t spoil it for others who just MIGHT think Homecoming Weekend could be FUN!!! GO, RAMS!!!

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